I'm a Solutions Engineer at Fuel Network. I have a passion of competing professionally and a 3x Hackathon winner 🏆.

Previously, I've worked at Interested FYI, Pear Protocol and Reimagined Finance.

Also helped the Developer DAO community with the technology partners.

My tech stack includes but not limited to:
  • TypeScript
  • Nextjs
  • Sway
  • Solidity
  • GraphQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker
  • Apollo GraphQL
Hackathons I've won:
OSS communities
My proficiency lies in Next.js and TS. In my previous role at Pear Protocol, I also developed Smart Contracts; thus, I also have an experience with Solidity.
I have experience working in a remote team and bringing my unique blend of perspective to the team. I have a good problem solving approach. I’ve also published written as well as video content and have delivered workshops and talks irl.
My Interests:
I'm interested in building Public Goods that add values to a large group of people or make their lives easier. Tools like OSS libraries,infrastructural tools or Dev tools that contribute to enhancing UX/DX, interest me. Also, I like creating content,sharing knowledge and educating others.
My Projects:
  • Pear Protocol: This is a trading platform built on top of GMX. I worked here as a Solutions Engineer and also on the Engineering team. I created this website and worked on Smart Contracts by onboarding users to the platform and iterating on their feedback.
  • ApeFit: EthGlobal Istanbul 2023 hackathon winner
  • On-chain NFT Passport: Phala network - Developer DAO hackathon winner
  • Interested.fyi: A hiring platform for web3
  • Comp-kit: A React component lib for web3
  • Chakra UI Carousel: A carousel library for Chakra UI
  • Lens Protocol Graph Subgraph: A subgraph for Lens Protocol
  • Vite-rainbow-starterkit: A starterkit built using libs Vite.js, React, Chakra, Wagmi and RainbowKit
  • ReImagined Finance: Refi is a farming platform which enable users to invest money and earn rewards. I worked here as a Frontend Engineer created this whole website from scratch.
  • Meshare: A question-answer website for devs built using the modern tech stack
My Blogs:
My talks, workshops & video tutorials: